User Roles

The operations that you are allowed perform in the Repository are determined by the role that your user account has been assigned. There are three main administrative roles that a user can have.

Organisational Manager

This role has full access rights to collections associated with a depositing organisation. To have been assigned this role the user must have signed an Organisational Manager agreement. The user, in this case, is a representative from an organisation. An organisation may have several organisational managers, each of which may have several collections. The organisational manager can assign collection managers their collections.

Collection Manager

The collection manager role allows a user to create collections and also edit those collections that have been assigned to them by their organisational manager. An important function of the collection manager is to review and publish collections.

Edit User

A user with the Edit User role can add objects to collections that they been have granted access to. They may also delete unpublished objects and mark objects as ‘reviewed’.

The figure below summarises the capabilities of each of these roles.

User role permissions

Fig. 18 Capabilities of user roles